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First impressions count in today’s competitive business arena. Impressive website design optimized for lightning-quick response and delivering great user experience tell your customers that your company is competent and professional. Beach Chair Marketing is a full-service digital agency in Toronto that can build that killer website or online app for your business. Our team of professional developers will help you establish your online presence, align with your business objectives, grow your audience, and execute digital marketing programs that get results.


Web Development

Web Development

Through our combined expertise in designs and developments


Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Helping you stay top of mind and engaged with your audience


App Development

App Development

Go mobile with your business and design an incredible mobile app.

Web Design and development

We Don't Just Design Websites

We Match Impeccable Design With An Intuitive User Experience

A charming website enhances your businesses perceived value and helps customers understand what makes you special.

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    Hyper responsive design
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    Conversion optimized structure
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    Impeccable design
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    Memorable experience
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    Customer Journey mapping
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    SEO optimized
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    Information architecture
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    Our Services

    What Can We Do For You

    We’re a full-service creative digital agency and strive in conjuring up strategy, marketing, design & technology..


    We offer value to your brand by creating multi-channel marketing experiences for your consumers.
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    From long-tail Google search optimization to short-term social media advertising campaigns.
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    We strive to create a strategic vision that will facilitate growth for your social media profiles.
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    Optimize your website so search engines fall in love with you and more customers can find your business.
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    Email Marketing

    Our email marketing formula combines strategy, implementation, and tracking.
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    Creative Consultancy

    Whether you are starting out or just have an update you want to bring to your brand.
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    Why Choose Us

    We Harness A Multitude of Skills Under One Umbrella

    We are committed to excellence and passionte about partnering with success driven brands and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions.

    Data Driven Decisions 95%
    Exceptional Service 100%
    Adaptability & Flexibility 99%
    Technical Ability 96%
    Best Digital Agencies

    Our Expertise

    Outstanding Experience

    No matter what your goals and objectives are, we can help you build a foundation that your business can grow upon.

    We use strategy as the compass for all of our campaigns.
    Marketing is a conversation and Marketing Strategy determines who we are speaking to, what we should be saying to them and most importantly the avenue the audience can respond via.

    Traffic Analysis, Competitor Research, Buyer Persona’s and setting Key Performance Indicators are some of the highlights of our marketing strategy. The alignment of business goals and market drivers is paramount to ensure success.

    Marketing Strategy

    We understand the power of branding. That’s why we make sure that every design element reflects your business positively and accurately. It’s critical that your key audiences know you or want to know more about you because they understand the benefits of what you’re offering.


    From bespoke logos, crafty email signatures, social media logo versions & any other marketing material guaranteed to make an impression every time. We make sure that your business is recognizable and known in the market you serve… that your brand is understood.

    Business Branding

    Gone are the days where you need to rely on word of mouth and referrals to grow your business. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows you to showcase your business top thousands of customers searching your product and services daily.

    Social Media channels offer more refined targeting, based on stronger qualifiers such as interests, age or even geographic location. Our team specializes in setting budgets to reach your realistic goals.

    Pay Per Click

    With our Content Marketing Services, a quality, relevant and valuable content helps you to build your brand image and promote your brand on social media channels. Organic traffic accounts for 50% of brand growth and is a great way to address questions or objections to a sale.


    Content is a great way to educate and entertain leads as they navigate through the sales funnel. Having multiple pieces of content allows you to helps leads gain confidence in their choice and to move them from an interested prospect to a purchasing customer.

    Content Marketing

    Optimize your website so search engines fall in love with you and more customers can find your business. Our team specializes in enhancing your rankings by using the latest SEO standards and structuring your website so that Google loves you!

    Over 80% Of us choose to purchase from companies in the top 3 of Google search results. We bring in the leads so you can close the deals!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Digital marketing describes all marketing activities that use digital technologies and media to connect with current and prospective customers.

    Any organization or brand that needs connect with people to promote themselves and their products needs digital marketing services.

    Typically, digital marketing agencies provide the following services.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This encompasses techniques to rank your website at the top of search engine results so that prospective customers can find you.
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEO is great but results sometimes take time. For quicker results, the agency can help you bid for the right keywords and create effective ads that search engines highlight on their results pages.
    • Content Marketing – In the digital world, content is king. The agency can help you create engaging content and leverage this to attract your target audiences.
    • Social Media Marketing – Social media is where the action is today. Build your audience through engaging content and convert them into paying customers through effective campaigns.
    • Email Marketing – Email remains an effective way to engage and convert target audiences.
    • Mobile Devices Advertising – The whole world has gone mobile. The agency should be able to help you tap into this channel and expand your reach.
    • Print, Radio, and Television Advertising – Technically, these are traditional marketing channels, but even these are transforming and integrating with digital technologies.

    There are many advantages and benefits offered by digital marketing over conventional marketing methods. These include:

    • Relatively lower cost
    • Global reach
    • Measurable results
    • Personalization
    • Precise targeting and segmentation
    • Engagement

    A digital marketing agency will help your company develop the digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives. It can also help you design effective marketing campaigns that use the most suitable digital channels to fulfill your objectives.

    When your strategy and objectives are clear, and the digital marketing campaigns are effectively executed, then your business will certainly benefit.

    The cost of digital marketing depends on many factors. You need to consider which services you need to avail of as well as the duration of your campaigns. The best way to get an idea of how much digital marketing will cost you is to book an appointment with your digital marketing agency to discuss your needs and requirements.

    Like any other complex undertaking, digital marketers can make all sorts of mistakes as they execute the campaign. Common mistakes include:

    • Starting with unclear or unrealistic goals.
    • Unclear understanding of the target market, and therefore hitting the wrong audience with the wrong message.
    • Not personalizing your communication.
    • Using the wrong channel.

    Failing to measure results and adjusting the campaign accordingly.

    Brand who have trusted us!

    We want everything we create for our clients to have the same care and love they feel for their brands, and create a seamless experience for their audience. At Beach Chair we just want to work with great people to create things we’re both proud of.

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