Content is King Pt. 2

Content is King Pt. 2

Let’s look at how including a content plan will help your business thrive.

It’s simple. The more options you have for reaching your existing and future clients, the better. Creating killer content that you can distribute through your various platforms is one way of getting your brand out there. Content can be shared – for free – so learn to plug yourself in your content without being obvious. A tip is to speak about your brand values more. People relate to values and standing up for something, and you can always link your product or service to your values when you write. When something resonates, people will share. 

Consistent communication, which is really what content is, builds trust, and trust builds loyalty. When individuals that are loyal to your brand come together, they create an online community that can turn into an offline community of brand ambassadors. All because you gave them information that they found useful and relevant to their daily lives. Create content that adds value to your consumer’s lives and you’re golden. How-to blog posts, instructional videos, and webinars are the best type of content for adding value. 

Content that is well-researched, light-hearted and easy to read has a more positive effect on your brand growth long term than an advert would. A strong community makes you pretty much invincible online – brand stands today are known to go hard for who they love.

Brand Building 
More than just creating a community of loyal customers, great content can help to solidify your brand in the minds of people even further as it is an extension of your brand. Great content can build your brand by increasing its value because people will associate your brand with higher standards. 

Give your content the voice you have in mind when you think of your brand’s personality and use it as an opportunity to remind your readers of your values and the things that make you unique as a brand. Just remember the more context, specific, visual and true your content is the more people will hunger for it because of the value they get from it, that is the sort of the content that builds reputation and in turn builds a legacy. 

Reach is nothing new. Television and radio have been reaching millions for decades, although not to the extent that the internet has been able to facilitate. Engagement, however, is another thing altogether. More than ever, the very people you are trying to reach are now able to engage with you and provide you direct feedback on your product or service. This is HUGE. Everything marketing has to do with figuring out how the minds of consumers work. Content, and whatever platform you choose to use to spread it, is one sure way of getting your answers. The other is Big Data, and it makes people quite nervous. 

The point is, you are engaging with customers online in a way that business has never been able to before. You need to do due diligence on your target audience and create content that makes people relate and feel an affinity for your brand. Then engage back. Responding to messages and comments on your content is just one way to start trusting relationships with your existing or future clients.

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