Content is King and Queen Part 3

Content is King and Queen Part 3

Okay, so content is king. But how do you use it right, and on which platforms do you share what? The answer to this will take us another four paragraphs so we are going to keep it succinct. Big Tip: Keep your copy brief and to the point when you post content online – the internet is vast, people’s attention spans are short and really, ain’t nobody got time for a thesis when the remainder of the internet is calling. Keep it snappy or potential readers will leave your page simply by seeing the length of your article.

There are many different platforms for sharing content. Most companies use their website as a primary hub of content, particularly the ‘blog’ section of it. Additionally, most companies have adopted key social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for their content.

Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your content to your audience. Its multifaceted nature allows for multiple ways to share different kinds of content. One of the most effective ways to share your message on social media is

through video. Video content has by far the highest rate of engagement online. People love to create and look at video content because it is easily digestible and it takes very little effort to watch something (why vegging out in front of the TV has long been a favourite past time for, er, chilled people). 

Interactive videos, like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn Live, are the holy grail as viewers get to be a part of whatever experience your brand is putting forward. Furthermore, there is a reason why your Facebook page appears at the top of your search when you self-stalk. Facebook is a concentrated hub of interaction that pushes the SEO right off the chart and to the top of your google search. Cross posting content between your social media platforms and your website does amazing things for your visibility online

Two new-ish types of brand content are starting to get traction and require a special mention. More and more, CEOs and other company executives are being expected to write and talk on behalf of their brands. So much so that great writing and public speaking skills are becoming a prerequisite for the position. Opinion pieces by executives are now easily and commonly circulated and syndicated by media sites and similar platforms. Video recordings of executives speaking at conferences, TEDx and other platforms are now commonplace on YouTube. Often, they don’t mention the brand once in their presentations but do you know what they talk about? Their company values. People who are listening and vibe with their values will make their way towards the brand one way or another. 

Interestingly, companies are also starting to take up space in the stock image sector. Companies are releasing media images for free use as stock, some branded and others not. Whatever the case, they are contributing to the creative commons and creating a free resource for people, who will eventually become clients if they share similar values of, well, sharing. 

Facts are, the more integrated and seamless the offline and online worlds become, the more talking a brand will have to do with their customers. Content is one of the best ways to do this. Just remember, what goes online stays online so keep it clean folks. 

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