The Business-Growing Power of Brand Awareness

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The Business-Growing Power of Brand Awareness

If you run a business, you want it to be successful. However, your competitors are also working hard to make sure that their companies will succeed. In most cases, you can’t have everything you want. Therefore, you need a competitive edge that can help boost your business’s growth. The solution to your business-growth needs may be a strong brand awareness strategy.


What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the familiarity your target audience has with your brand. For example, most people can immediately recognize Apple or Nike. In both of these cases, their trademarks (the apple and swoosh respectively) are also very recognizable. They have developed an awareness of their brands so that their audiences can easily identify them.

While this is a vague and hard-tom-measure concept, it is an important one. It is one of those “know it when you see it” situations. We can all talk about businesses with high brand awareness. However, it is not easy to quantify the level of consumer recognition of a particular brand name.

Nonetheless, the development of this is certainly worth the investment. Consumers not only know the name “Apple” but also know what it represents. For many phone and laptop users, Apple is the must-have first choice.

Why Brand Awareness is Important?

As mentioned above, brands with really high awareness can summon strong reactions and purchase intentions with a simple symbol. Of course, not every brand can be the size of Apple or Nike. Despite this, developing brand awareness is still valuable.

Standing out in the modern business world can be tough. There are so many companies all vying for attention. Furthermore, thanks to the internet, many of them have effective digital marketing channels for getting their message out. However, that means there is a lot of noise that your brand’s signal needs to compete with.

Fortunately, a little human psychology can help. We really like patterns and tend to focus on things we can quickly recognize and understand. Brands that we are aware of not only impact our perception of those businesses but also of the overall market. The opportunity to grab the attention of your target customers and affect how they think about your business is worth the investment.


6 Ways to Build Brand Visibility


It probably comes as no surprise that you need to be different to have strong brand name. If your audience can tell the difference between your business and the one next door, you are going to have a hard time standing out.

In some fields, being highly disruptive and innovative can be very valuable. Changing the way that people perform a familiar task can be a great way to differentiate. For example, away makes luggage with cool gadgets such as phone chargers built-in. This is memorable because it is different from other luggage brands.

Other businesses stand out through the quality of their work. There is a buy it for life community that is obsessed with finding brands that sell top-quality merchandise. LL Bean is known for its consistency of workmanship.

Brands like Patagonia stand out thanks to their focus on sustainability. In many cases, factors like this can also be combined with a cool x-factor.

Whatever attributes you want to associate with your brand, they need to be different from what others are doing. Find your brand’s unique voice.

Develop a Strong Brand

It probably comes as no surprise that your business branding needs to be excellent to build awareness. Returning to the examples of Apple and Nike, both have very simple but very recognizable logos. They spent a lot of time and money making them recognizable, but the design matters too.

Again, you need to be a little different. Additionally, you need to represent your brand with images, colors and words that are memorable. How many contractors have slogans about quality and professionalism? It can be almost impossible to remember any specific one because they are so similar.

Get Your Brand in Front of Eyes

Once you have a clear brand message that you want to promote, it is time to start getting it in front of your audience’s eyes. You will need to create and distribute content that people can engage with.

For example, you may write a blog post that relates to your products. This shouldn’t be a sales pitch; it should be a valuable piece of information that your audience can benefit from. The more you can create content that people want to interact with, the more you will get your branding in front of your audience.

Additionally, you will want to represent your brand on everything you do. Your website should have a strong brand, the sign outside your store should have your logo, your product packaging should be branded. All these reminders of your brand will gradually increase awareness.

Be Easy To Find

As you develop your brand, you need to make sure your business is easy to find. Search engine optimization can be a very powerful ally for this.

People turn to Google and other search engines to find their questions. If Nike was first released in the age of the internet, you can be sure that people would have been searching for “shoes with a checkmark.” Try to figure out what people will search for when they are trying to find your business. If you can optimize for these searches, you can attract a lot of customers.

Common Errors

Building brand awareness isn’t easy. Furthermore, your competitors are all trying to do the same thing. These are some errors you will want to studiously avoid:


  • Not creating enough content to get in front of a large audience’s eyes.
  • Promoting your brand in the wrong channels for your target market.
  • Making a negative impression through quality problems, empty value statements and other bad brand associations.

Building your brand is like other forms of marketing. If you aren’t targeting properly, you will struggle.

Start Building

Brand awareness can be immensely valuable. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop. Fortunately, if you start working at building your brand with the above techniques, you will likely start to see some worthwhile results.


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