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Websites listed on the 1st page of search engine results get as high as 92% ( more clicks than those on other pages. Beach Chair Marketing’s SEO expertise will make sure you get to the top of the list so people find your website. That’s why we’re the top SEO company in Toronto.

Organic Traffic

With consistency and dedication, your website can be enlisted in web engines gaining traffic.

Brand Awareness

It makes your product aware to the desired audience creating a name of your brand.

User Experience

It increases the quality as well as the quantity of your product, giving an insight to the user about the brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Grow Your Business With Experienced SEO Experts

SEO experts who have extensive knowledge and practice in making your website ranked in search engine result page (SERP)

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    SEO Optimization
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    Why Choose Us

    We Provide Better Services

    Globally transition proactive niches without progressive processes. Objectively syndicate enterprise-wide services through timely metrics.

    Increased Traffic

    We assure to optimize traffic on your website through white-label SEO


    To upsurge your website ranking in SERP, we attempt to deliver in limited time


    A complete audit or analysis derives extensive tactics and strategies for business

    Brand Awareness

    We optimize traffic and make your brand recognized for your audience

    Our Services

    What Can We Do For You

    Efficiently aggregate end-to-end core competencies without maintainable ideas. Dynamically foster tactical solutions without enabled value.

    Research and Analysis

    A team of experts that works to produce unique and reliable keywords on your sites.

    Link Building

    A strong and powerful link building increases the chance of traffic optimization and customer interaction.

    On-page SEO

    The optimization of elements that affects rankings to the page itself and focuses on the visible page.

    Off-page SEO

    The implementation of the elements such as social media networks and strong links to upsurge the ranking.

    White-label SEO

    The usage of strategies, techniques, and optimization tactics and completely follows the rules of SEO.

    SEO Monitoring

    We keep an eye on the performance metric and provide monthly reports on the progress being made.

    SEO Company Toronto - Frequently Asked Questions

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  consists of techniques and practices that make a web page and its content easy for search engines to find and classify so that they rank at the top of search results, where people can easily find them.

    You can think of a search engine as a librarian and websites as books in the library. When you need to search for information on a topic, such as “digital marketing”, for example, the librarian will search its index and give you a list of results. The most relevant results will be at the top of the list, where you can easily see them and check them out first.

    Now imagine that your business website is among the candidates that make the list for “wedding planners”, or “hair stylists”, or “insurance agents”, or whatever it is that potential customers are searching for. It would be great if your site gets listed at the top of the results list, or as close to it as possible, so that prospective customers can easily and quickly find you.

    There are many reasons why businesses need SEO. Here are a few important considerations.

    • SEO is a major source of online traffic to your website.
    • It contributes to building trust and credibility.
    • It ensures a high-quality user experience.
    • When done correctly, SEO helps to influence the buyer’s decision.
    • SEO is a long-term strategy that is quantifiable.

    There are several advantages that Beach Chair Marketing offers that other agencies may not provide.

    • We have experienced SEO professionals
    • We employ the latest techniques. SEO requirements are constantly changing, and we make sure we are up to date with the latest developments.
    • Our methodologies are always sound and ethical.
    • We set realistic goals and constantly communicate with you.

    Our services are not only safe, but they are ESSENTIAL for new websites, and ALL websites.

    A website that is SEO-friendly allows Google and other search engines to analyze and index it efficiently.

    We have been able to rank websites on the first page of Google’s search results within 6 months to 1 year. But because there are thousands of known and unknown factors that come into play when ranking websites, the time it takes to get to the front page for a particular keyword or key phrase really depends on how effective our techniques are.

    You could start seeing results 3 months after initiating a thorough SEO procedure.

    You will want to focus your time, energy, and effort on what you do best and what matters most to you – running your business. Leave the SEO details to us.

    Keyword research is a careful, meticulous process that involves the following activities.

    • Understanding your company’s market niche and competitors.
    • Working with you to define your goals.
    • Preparing a list of relevant topics.
    • Drawing up a list of seed keywords.
    • Using the best tools to perform keyword research.

    We have done it for many of our other clients in the past, so we are confident that given the opportunity and support, we have the knowledge, techniques, and tools to get it done for you, as well. However, as no one except the search engines themselves has control over many of the factors that help websites rank, there is no solid guarantee that anyone can honestly give for ranking a site on the first page of search results.

    Brand who have trusted us!

    Globally reinvent cross-unit human capital whereas virtual catalysts for change. Assertively network accurate methods of empowerment rather than client-centered improvements.

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